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System Pressure

Just left a customer who had no heating or hot water for three days
She had got my phone number through one of her friends and phoned saying that she knows that I do not work on boilers but can I come round because her boiler only stopped working when her husband got a tip from a friend about venting radiators and did so.
Now this can be an easy fix as most systems are now pressurised (combi boiler) .
How to repressurise a heating system

Step one; Check the pressure gauge on the boiler it should read approx. 1 bar when cold.
Step two; If the pressure is less than 1 bar, locate the filling loop it should be on or below the boiler
( it normally is a silver flexi hose with a valve attached connecting two pipes.)
Step three; Turn the valve on slowly & the needle on your pressure gauge will start moving. Once it has reached 1 Bar turn off the valve ( Do not over fill the system)
Step four; Reset the boiler and it should fire back into life
Please note; filling instructions for your boiler should be on the manufactures web site.

I hope this helps and I will be posting more hints and tips as they come up.