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Radiator not working

When you start your heating up again after the summer you will sometimes find that one or two radiators on the system will not work. This is normally due to the TRV (thermostatic radiator valve) where the seating is stuck down.
This is an easy fix, remove the head of the TRV by unscrewing (this is not a water carrying part )exposing the pin which is top centre of valve.
Tap the pin with a small hammer lightly & the pin should pop back up if however it does not try again if it still does not move it is more than lightly that the seating on the end of the pin is stuck due to sludge in your system. sometimes if you leave the head off the pin will pop back up on its own due to the pressure of the system running.

Hope this tip is of some help on the first cold snap.

System Pressure

Just left a customer who had no heating or hot water for three days
She had got my phone number through one of her friends and phoned saying that she knows that I do not work on boilers but can I come round because her boiler only stopped working when her husband got a tip from a friend about venting radiators and did so.
Now this can be an easy fix as most systems are now pressurised (combi boiler) .
How to repressurise a heating system

Step one; Check the pressure gauge on the boiler it should read approx. 1 bar when cold.
Step two; If the pressure is less than 1 bar, locate the filling loop it should be on or below the boiler
( it normally is a silver flexi hose with a valve attached connecting two pipes.)
Step three; Turn the valve on slowly & the needle on your pressure gauge will start moving. Once it has reached 1 Bar turn off the valve ( Do not over fill the system)
Step four; Reset the boiler and it should fire back into life
Please note; filling instructions for your boiler should be on the manufactures web site.

I hope this helps and I will be posting more hints and tips as they come up.