Fencing & Gates

CAN DO WILL DO HANDYMAN are happy to sort out all your fencing and gate needs from installation, repair to upgrade.
There are many problems that your fencing will suffer from as it gets older, so lets have a look at a few and how to repair them.

Fence panels
These will rot over the years if they are not maintained. But, they are easy to replace and if you have concrete posts, all the better. It is just a matter of sliding the old panel up and out, then sliding the new panel in (please be careful, they can weigh quite a bit especially when wet).
If your posts are made of wood, the panels will be nailed or screwed and sometimes have brackets fitted.
Don’t worry if you are not sure or need help, just contact us.

If your posts are concrete, there should be no movement from them. However, if they are moving, they might need re-concreting at their base. This should be sorted sooner rather than later.
Wooden posts are installed by concreting in or a post spike which is fitted to the bottom of the post and then driven into the ground. Over time, wood will rot if not maintained which makes the whole fence unstable. The best solution for this is to replace the posts.

Panel sizing
As the length of every border is different, there is nearly always a part of a panel required to complete the job. You will require tools to cut the panel, but you must ensure that the end of the panel is fully supported once it is cut, to ensure it does not fall apart.
Again, if you need help, we are only a phone call away and we will be happy to hear from you.

Panel repair
This can be worth while if you have a lot of panels. The first thing that goes on a panel is the top timber due to rot, but it is straight forward to replace as it is nailed on (you need to be handy with a saw and hammer for this).
I would suggest that a few panels are purchased and used as parts, best practice is to use preservatives on the fence on completion.

Gates have a habit of tilting which is due to the post not being able to support them or the gate itself being in need of bracing.
If your problem is that the latch is not holding sometimes, it just needs adjusting as the timber has moved over time.
Please remember CAN DO WILL DO HANDYMAN is always happy to help with any of your household maintenance problems, feel free to call for a honest reliable service.