Wooden Doors & Windows

Do you live in Enfield, Southgate, or surrounding areas? Can do will do handyman are happy to solve any problem you are having with your doors and windows.

Sash window
Sash windows look and work beautifully when first fitted. However, if they are not maintained they can look very shabby and can be hard to open or close.
Window cords break, weights can stick, timber swells and they can be very drafty in the winter. But, all can be restored and draft proofed.

Front and back door
Doors can swell making them hard to close and locks can start to stick due to age. Hinges become weak or they just need some draft proofing. Also, a little bit of door furniture (knocker, door pull, kick plate etc.) may be required.

Internal doors
This can be of many different varieties: sliding, cupboard and closet, to name a few. They can become loose, the hinges can break, new knobs/handles could be required and many other problems can occur but with a little bit of work, they can be brought back to a door that is useful, not useless.

I carry out a lot of this type of woodwork, so do give me a call as I am always happy to help.