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Going green or upcycling

For years now there has been a lot of talk about going green & loads of products brought out by manufactures for the green market which seem to be very expensive with claims that the product will pay for the extra cost in x amount of years however the products only last x amount of years so not sure where the savings are there.
Maybe I am just naive but going green should not mean using up loads more of the earths resources for new products.
I am a big fan of upcycling which can be used in many different ways to great effect for instance

* Update your kitchen by replacing the cupboard fronts (new cupboard units will be the very same as the ones you have now so why replace)

* Paint/spray your existing cupboard doors & if mouldings are added before repainting you can change a straight door in to a panel door.

* Move your cupboards around until you get a new layout which is better suited to the room

* Replace your old worktop with new or tile your existing worktop ( hob & sink will need to be adjusted to allow for tiles.)

* Added extra mouldings to your skirting boards to make them bigger/taller or for door & window surrounds wider.

* Recolouring or styling your table to get a better match for the room it is in (take your time, no rush, get it right first time)

* The list could be endless ( be careful there is a fine line)

As you can see from my examples upcycling for me is keeping the main component & adding to it in order to update or upgrade & always been careful to carry out quality workmanship as the last thing you want is a DIY slapped together look.


The WC is a very important & necessary unit but it is only when it stops working or has a fault that makes you relies exactly how important it is to you. Normally discovering this quite quickly at certain times of the day or evening.
I have been informed by customers that it is one of the most problematic of repair jobs to get sorted as it would seem that most plumbers they call are not interested in attending.(why this is I am not sure, possibly the size of job or type of work involved)
There are quite a few problems that can make the WC unusable or unpleasant to use such as

* Blockage
* No flush
* Broken seat
* Loose pan
* Broken handle
* Leaks

Due to the problems that my potential customers are experiencing with getting a repair person to call & secondly getting the problem sorted quickly, which I understand is very important.
I have decided that the best way to solve this problem is to carry a large stock of cistern parts, all the different types, pan fixing kits, handles est. this is an expense, however it should give a very high first time fix rate for the customer.
The idea behind this company is to be Honest, Affordable & do quality workmanship & I hope that actions show customers that we are not all talk.

Wooden Doors & Windows

Do you live in Enfield, Southgate, or surrounding areas. Can do will do handyman are happy to solve any problem your having with your doors & windows.


Sash window
Sash windows look & work beautiful when first fitted however if they are not maintained they can look very shabby & hard to open or close.
Window cords break, weights can stick, timber swells & they can be very draftee in winter but all can be restored & draft proofed.
Front & back door
Doors can swell making them hard to close, locks can start to stick due to age, hinges become weak or maybe they just need some draft proofing & a little bit of door furniture ( knocker, door pull, kick plate est. )
Internal doors
These can be of many different types, sliding, cupboard, closet, est. which can become loose, hinges break , new knobs/handles required & many other problems can acre but with a little bit of work they can be brought back to a door that is useful not useless.

I carry out a lot of this type of woodwork so do give me a call as I am always happy to help.