MDF is a fantastic product, however it does have limitations on its use and I just wanted to give a quick guide and some pointers.MDF should only be used for internal work which is damp free due to the fact that it will swell badly when in contact with moisture. When cutting a sheet, a… Continue reading MDF

Wooden Doors & Windows

Do you live in Enfield, Southgate, or surrounding areas? Can do will do handyman are happy to solve any problem you are having with your doors and windows. Sash windowSash windows look and work beautifully when first fitted. However, if they are not maintained they can look very shabby and can be hard to open or close.Window cords… Continue reading Wooden Doors & Windows

Fencing & Gates

CAN DO WILL DO HANDYMAN are happy to sort out all your fencing and gate needs from installation, repair to upgrade.There are many problems that your fencing will suffer from as it gets older, so lets have a look at a few and how to repair them. Fence panelsThese will rot over the years if they… Continue reading Fencing & Gates


The WC is a very important and necessary unit. But, it is only when it stops working or has a fault that you realise exactly how important it is to you. Normally, this is discovered quite quickly at certain times of the day or evening.I have been informed by customers that it is one of… Continue reading WC