About Me

My name is Barry Phelan & I have been in the construction/maintenance industry for over thirty years, mainly within the plumbing & heating sector, of which the last four years of my time was served in maintenance for a large manufacture. Since then I have worked with a few maintenance companies carrying out a lot of small works, the main one having been carpentry. I have noticed that a lot of the skills I learned at the beginning of my career cross over in to many other trades.
I started Can Do Will Do Handyman Services in order to carry out more of the work I enjoyed & to have control over quality, which should be to a high standard as I can not see a reason to work in any other way.
Hopefully you will see from the web site that I am honest in everything I approach, ensuring that you know who you are dealing with, where I live, what the costs are & that all my work is guaranteed.
Please feel free to contact me with any queries you might have.


Should you decide to use my service I can promise quality workmanship, honesty & respect for your property at all times.

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